Tuesday, 8 July 2014

H&M haul and Primark Shoes

Without realising it i've actually done quite a bit of shopping recently and now it's all come together i can see what i've got.

I love that feeling of buying something new having a shopping bag in your hand and the excitement of wearing it for the first time! Even more so when you get a bargain!

First up the one place i go to get my shoes from...Primark. You just can't go wrong, they seem to last a long time and even if they don't i know i've only spent about £6 on them anyway. I've always found they fit me well (though i can't say the same for their heels!)

 I picked up these 3 beauties, black, grey and nude/pink. The black pair were £4, the grey were £6 and i think the pink/nude ones were £4 from what i can remember.

I spend the majority of my money in H&M and a fair amount of my time in their too, it's the first place i will go to when i need anything.

H&M Long Strappy Top - £3.99
H&M Leggings - £5.99
H&M Crop Top - £3.99
H&M Oversized Crop Top - £3.99

I wanted a black baggy crop top and i found 2, one was quicte high neck, oversized size 8 and the other one was actually a size Large but i wanted it baggy meaning it had a scoop neck. I tried both on and just couldn't decide which neck i liked best. So, if in doubt buy both!

H&M Size Large crop top

H&M Oversized Crop Top Size 8

I don't know what made me fall in love with this dress but it looked quite sophisticated and something i wouldn't usually pick up.

The dress above i just happened to see whilst i was on the hunt for the below which i had seen in another store where they only had larger sizes left. I was thinking about it so much i went after work to another H&M with all fingers and toes crossed and i got the last one!

I had one of those moments where i was walking around with a massive grin on my face wnating to grab everyone and tell them what had just happened.

H&M Lace detail dress - £12.99 - Size 8 - not the exact one but closest to it.

I'll be posting tomorrow (or in a few days) what i've recently bought from Boohoo, Missguided and Dorothy Perkins.


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