How long have I been painting my nails
Ever since i left school really but mainly in the past 2 years. and in the past few months I've gone a bit crazy and love it.

Are my nails natural
Yes they are, i don't think i could cope or afford fake nails and mine seem quite strong.

Do i do all my own nail painting
Yeah i do both right and left hands. Occasionally i may get my sister to help for tricky parts on my left hand but other than that i do everything myself.

How often do i paint my nails
I usually paint my nails about 2/3 times a week, but it depends on how long my nail varnish stays on my nails. i can't stand chipped nail varnish, it just makes me want to pick it all off. If my nails start to chip then i usually do some design over the top if I'm in a hurry.

Do I use any special care products
The answer to this is simply, no. To be honest I've never looked into anything. I do moisturise my hands a lot when I'm at work though which keeps my skin nice and smooth. Maybe it's because i don't use base coat, but after a few weeks when i take my nail varnish off, i find that my nails go a funny colour and look really dry and just in general bad condition. I tend to leave my nails au natural for a week or so, so that they can get some sunlight and strengthen again.

What base coat and top coat do I use
I have to admit that i very rarely use base coat, simply because i don't have one and i keep forgetting to get one. I use a top coat most of the time, not too sure on the brand though because it's my moms :)

How many nail polishes do i own
Recent count done at the beginning of 2013 - i have just over 100 and rapidly running out of room!

How do I store my nail polishes
Well they began by living in a cardboard box but then i realised that half of them were actually living on my dressing table and i had too many. I now keep them in a variety of different sized sandwich boxes becuase it seems to be the easiest way. I'd love to know of any other ways though.

Where do I get my inspiration and ideas from
Most of the time they just come to me, or they are influenced by the other brilliant nail designs that i see on here.

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