Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hello is anyone there?

Wow, i'm back...i think!

I've had a few months away from blogging i just wasn't feeling it and it felt like too much of an effort to write up any posts.

I've still been keeping up with all the blogs i follow and i've got some nail posts all prepared and ready to go if i decide i'm ready to get back into blogging anyway.

Whilst i've been away nothing much has happened - i turned 23 so now i feel really old and like i'm suddenly supposed to be a grown up?! Like a flash summer is upon us and there are so many nice pieces of clothing out my eyes can't take it all in.

I have no photos to really show what i've been doing the past few months so i'll share some photos of Parsnip instead; because he makes me smile so i hope he does the same for you; see you all soon...maybe


1 comment:

  1. I thought you'd disappeared from my bloglovin feed, good to see you back :) hope you decide to stay..hope you're well :) xxx