Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'm a little mermaid

It's about time i need to start posting more nail posts!

I realised i'd never really used this polish and it's so beautiful i needed to make the most of it and show it off. It's Barry M Blue Glitter :)

This polish is so magical and sparkly and glittery it's unreal :) I found it quite hard to capture what it really looks like, sometimes nothing looks quite as it does through the human eye. I truly love Barry M glitter polish they always turn out well.

Do you have a favourite Barry M glitter polish?

Today's been a good day; i ordered 2 pairs of jeans!! It's always exciting online shopping :) lets just hope they fit!

On the other hand i am distraught (maybe a little OTT) i saw this bag below in Topshop the other day, my eyes were glued to it but i decided i didn't need to spend £18 on it and walked away. I haven't stopped thinking about it since and realised i loved it and should have indeed got it. Only trouble is now the Topshop near me doesn't have any and they no longer sell them online :(

I just love how small and bright it is, it's only H:13cm W:16cm, so if anyone knows anything similar to this then let me know :) 

Topshop Mini Satchel


  1. Now that's some gorgeous polish! It reminds me of fish scales but in a good way! ;) Just look how vibrant that colour is! :D

  2. I love that nail polish! Most of my nail polish collection consists of Barry M haha :)