Sunday, 21 July 2013

A little snippet of my week

I've had a  few days off work this week, just milling around relaxing and becoming dehydrated (trust me it was a horrible feeling and taught me a lesson) 

I went shopping today for some new shorts - i tried a pair of mine on and they were just way too short, didn't think it was quite appropriate going out only half covering my ass! This weather really brings out some horrible sights and people should learn how to dress. 
No, i do not want to see all of your jiggly bits!

Anyway, i wanted some acid wash shorts but didn't find any so then i thought i might get some jeans instead, only thing is i don't really like jeans that much i find them too uncomfortable. So i thought jeggings - but nope i can't find any i like! So tomorrow i might take a trip to New Look at lunch and keep my fingers crossed and try some jeans on.

What i did get from shopping is this little bag from good old Primark - £4!! Bargain. I really wanted a small brown bag and after trawling online over the weekend i thought this will do for what i need it for, cute eh?!

I got Company magazine the other day, and i saw this white top from Meemee but i've looked on the website and can't find it! How annoying! So if you see anything similar please let me know! Think it will look great with a pair of jeans and converse :)

I also found Jameela's article very interesting this month - i love reading her articles! I found it quite thought provoking. The title is 'Live for the moment'.

It was about in a relationship whether you should live in the moment and be happy even if you know it will definitely come to an end and most likely break your heart or if you should cut your losses immediately and end it because you know it won't last forever? 

A bit of a tough one really, i'm sure many of us would say 'Oh i'd cut it off', but when you really really like someone all of your rational thoughts go out of the window and we end up letting our heart take over. What do you think? 

My family just got back from Cornwall and they got me this little Worry Stone - not too sure if you're supposed to keep it in the bag or just put it in there when you have a worry?!

I'll just keep it in there, save it getting lost, how cute is the heart shaped stone though :)

It was mine and Glen's 6 year anniversary on the 13th and these little beauties arrived at my door :)

 Hope you've all had a great week, let me know what you've been upto :)



  1. Your flowers look beautiful! My little sister used to have "worry people" instead of a worry stone. Essentially they were these tiny little dolls that she kept in a little bag and put under her pillow whenever there was something worrying her.

    I tagged you for the Liebster Awarad :)

    Debi x

  2. Looks like a lovely week! I love the bag you bought! Those are some gorgeous flowers too :) x

    Sinead |