Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Clothes Haul

OK so this might be a bit of a long one! Over the last 2 months (ish) I've purchased quite a few pieces of clothes; which brings me on to my next subject - I've put myself on a spending ban! (3 weeks so far! Go me!!)

First up is this jumper above - yes you're eyes aren't failing you that is doughnuts on a jumper you see:) 
This was Glens jumper but he gave it to me - it is a Medium so it's a bit big on me but it's all snuggly and i will love wearing it with leggings. It's from Drop Dead and they don't sell it on their website any more but they sell lots more unique clothes.

I've been wanting a leather jacket for a while now but didn't want to fork out for a real leather one because i didn't know how often i'd wear it. Just as luck would have it i walked in to Republic and saw this and just loved it. It's a really soft material and i love the zip that it goes up diagonally. It was initially £50 but had 20% off so was £40.

When i was younger i had a white top from new look and the only way i can describe the material is 'crinckly'. and i realised how much i loved the feel of it and how it hugged me. After hours of searching i found this one from Very. It fits perfectly and yes, it is supposed to look like it's never seen an iron!

At first, i wanted a new skater skirt, then i decided to get shorts instead because i can get more wear out of them. 

After looking on every website i could think of i wasn't very satisfied and couldn't find anything i liked. I actually saw these floral shorts on New Look but thought they were part of a pyjama set. Later on i saw them on ebay for sale, went back on the New Look website and they're just normal shorts. They're part of the Perisian range and i can't find them in this colour on their website, but they have these which are similar.

I actually got these from ebay for £4.34 brand new with tags including postage!!

I then saw these on Own the Runway but I'd never bought from there before so good 'ol ebay sold them so i got these for £12.99. They don't have them on the Own the Runway website but i have found them here on ebay :) One thing i would say is get the size bigger. I got a size 8 but they are literally more like a size 4 and only just manage to slide over my butt!

Next i picked up this black crop top from Select for £4. Bargain :)

When me and my mommy were shopping in H&M the other week she offered to buy me something and i turned around and there was this solitary pink top looking up at me, in my exact size = meant to be!
This is it on the H&M website, it's so simple and a lovely soft, delicate material and will look dressed up with jeans and heels. (Sorry for the blurred picture and messy room!)

Now last but not at all least....this is why this post has taken so long because i was waiting for this item to arrive. Just under 3 weeks it took to arrive and many emails and phonecalls! I am SO glad i received this item i really really love it :) Unfortunately they don't sell it in Select anymore but i just wanted to share it all with you!

Wow, what a long one! I hope you enjoyed it or it made you go and do a bit of online shopping! Have a good evening, i'm off to paint my nails :)

If you've done a shopping haul recently then please leave your links so i can have a gander!



  1. Excellent choices, I hate when things are smaller than advertised they always get stuck on my butt, most depressing moment! I really like those shorts though and the jumper with the donuts on it!

  2. The drop dead sweater is actually fab! Love the floral cardigan too!