Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bicester Village

Soooooo i took a trip to Bicester village over the bank holidays :) I've never been there before and a friend at work suggested it. It's just in Oxford and has lots of little designer outlet shops with like last seasons things and just some really bargains!

HERE'S  a link to their website so have a nose through the list of shops 'coz there's loads!

I couldn't believe the Prada shop though, you had to queue to get in and were given a ticket with some huge bouncer on the door! Obviously some things are still hundreds of pounds but they have hundreds of pounds off so it' worth it if you can afford it. I didn't go to intend to buy anything but just have a little look around.

I ended up picking up a Ted Baker bag and purse :)

So above is the bag i got. Glen actually chose it and i'm grateful he did. It's a lovely orange/peachy colour and has gorgeous detailing. I love the shape of the bag and the fact that the zips are oversized.

Box that the purse came in :)

I've wanted a Ted Baker purse for aaaaaaaaaaages but couldn't justify spending over £50 on a purse. I fell in love with the colours of this purse as soon as i saw it and love that it has the same design inside as the bag does. There are so many compartments in this purse it made me excited! 

Okay so the savings i made:
Bag: Originally £89; reduced to £59
Purse: Originally £59; reduced to £35

I was so pleased with the savings that i made and that i got such gorgeous purchases. I also loved that the purse came in a little Ted Baker box - super cute, something that i will keep to store bits and bobs in.

I just wouldn't advise going on a bank holiday, we got there at 11am and it was already crazy busy with overflow car parks full up. Then we left at 12:20 and it was RIDICULOUS for the people trying to get in!!

Has anyone else ever been to Bicester village or anywhere similar?



  1. That's real life quality, I love the bag and I love the box. So pretty.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  2. Oh my god, LOVE the bag!!!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  3. I've been to the one in York which is similar :) I hate when shops are so busy you have to queue :( ( pandora at Christmas I'm looking at you!!)
    I love your purse :) ted baker does the cutest purses! And you made a good saving too, even better!xxx