Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Colourful sponge

Happy Tuesday everyone :) hope this week's going well for you.

Here's a colourful sponge to show you because i didn't just want to stick to one colour so i decided to go with lilac, pink and blue! Not the best sponge in the world but i gave it a go. 

L-R: Revlon '710 - cloud'; China Glaze '1008 Purple Panic';  MUA Shade 9

I'm so glad that it's half way through the week tomorrow! I badly need sleep! I (stupidly) decided to go on a run on Sunday. It was sunny (abit) and warmer than 0 degrees so something snapped in my brain and made me think 'hey lets go for a run'.

Let me point out that i'm completely not made for exercise!  I don't do running or any other form of exercise so why i decided to go for a run baffles me (and my family when i told them) so anyway i went for a run and i couldn't be bothered to warm up so off i went for 45 minutes. 
I admit that i walked half because i felt like i needed an oxygen tank. i got home and sat down for 5 minutes. Then i went to get up...omg. my calf's were in so much pain. I couldn't put my feet flat on the floor and straighten my legs. IT's my own fault but still now almost 3 days on I'm walking like an oap. oh and i got 2 big blisters on my feet aaaand it started raining when i was out.

I haven't decided if i'm going to continue running weekly, who knows :)

Hows everyone else's week going?



  1. Laurennn I've tagged you in a post on my blog. Go take a look. Xx

  2. Will have to try this!

    prettypugly.blogspot.com x