Sunday, 17 February 2013

New Clothes...lots of photos

Hey everyone! So lately I've been on a bit of a shopping spree and bought a few items :) They were all bought throughout December and January.

First up is this little owl dress that i got for Christmas off my boyfriend. I saw it in BHS before Christmas and thought it was something i wouldn't usually get so he just picked it up and said he'd buy it me :) it has such warm colours in it and lovely detailing.

I own a black skater skirt and absolutly love it (age 12 from new look! haha coz i'm only 5ft) so i wanted to get antoher one. This one was from new look but the adults section this time. I didn't really want blue but it stands out so much so i can wear darker tops with it to make the colour pop out.
£12 New Look

My boyfriends sister kindly gave me this snood because she hadn't worn it. I love red so was so pleased and here are 2 ways i live to wear it depending on how cold it is and how much i need my neck to be covered up. 

Just before Christmas H&M had a sale on, i popped in there and for some reason this bright pink shirt really caught my eye, i think it was reduced to £7 so i thought BARGAIN! i haven't actually had chance to wear it yet but i love how bright it is and i don't really own any pink clothes.

£7 H&M

This little crop top i got off ebay for £6.50. I love the summer but i really feel the cold, especially on my arms so thought this would be good as it covers my arms but is only a thin material so i won't get too hot. 

£6.50 Ebay

Looking on the H&M website when their spring collection arrived i spotted this top in black and it looked really nice. Simple but with really nice lace detailing. I saw that they did it in this mint colour and because i don't own anything this colour i decided to impulse buy. 
£7.99 H&M 

Before Christmas when i went to the H&M sale (when i got the pink blouse) i also spotted this yellow top. These pictures really don't do it justice. It's almost fluorescent  I just thought oh that's unusual so bought it. i think this was £5.

£5 H&M 

Now i've never bought anything off ASOS marketplace before; until now. i was just having a little browse and came across this 90's crop jumper and sometimes when you see something you love you just have to buy it, so i did :) now this is so itchy when i wear it (which is another reason i bought the crop top off ebay) but i just love the button detailing and the colour and just everything about it. It looks really nice with high waisted jeans and heels.

£24 ASOS Marketplace

For aaaaaaaaaages i was looking for a lilac jumper. Do you know how hard it is to find one?! Very hard! then when i was having a mooch on the H&M website at their spring collection i spotted this. i couldn't believe it, i was so happy i ordered it straight away to make sure it didn't sell out in my size. I love it so much! 


On someone's blog in december i saw a lovely batman leotard and fell in love with it, but then i found the website and they were quite expensive so i had a look on ebay and found it in dress form, which i then realised was even better because i could wear it as a dress or with a skater skirt over the top. And i needed something to wear new year and this somehow was what i wanted.


Think it was about £10 Ebay

I'm not really a heels kind of person, i can't walk in them and feel like my ankles supposed to break. But i needed some for my works Christmas do so i went to Primark to pick up some cheap ones because chances are I'll onl wear them once. I got these which i think are gorgeous. Only problem is, they're a size 4 but one shoe feels like a size 5, inconsistent Primark sizing!

Meant to be £12, reduced to £6

I also picked up this shirt from primark because i thought it was cute with the little Koala bears :)
 £12 Primark

I realised the other day that i own chunky cardigans but no jumpers, i didn't want to spend much because it's getting warmer again now. I went to Primark and picked up these 2 jumpers which are so snuggly I'm really pleased with them!

£ to the till and was reduced to £5 Primark

£12 Primark

Wow, so that was a long, rambly post! Thank you if you read it all and i hope you liked some of the things i got!


  1. Love that blue skirt! You have a really nice blog hun and it would be nice if you could come over and check my blog out as well and maybe we could follow each other!

  2. Loving all the clothes! That Batman dress is so cool! xx

  3. I really wanted that koala shirt from Primark! I tried it on though and the buttons were gaping at the chest a little and they didn't have the next size up, I was gutted :(
    I love your owl dress as well - cute!

  4. I love the crop top from eBay and the primark blouse, such a cute print!xx

  5. I've been meaning to get a crop top from eBay for ages but found they're always crap quality, but that one looks good so it looks like I'll have to hunt for it!

  6. The pink top from H&M is my favourite, it looks amazing! x