Thursday, 21 February 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Parsnip! :)

So, today is this little chaps birthday :) Or there abouts. 4 years and 10 months ago we went and collected Parsnip; and they told us he was 2 months old. So we took it literally so that we would have a date to celebrate his birthday.

Ever since he arrived at home he has been a bundle of joy and brought happiness to the whole family! He has such a brilliant personality he is really like my baby. He is happy the majority of the time and runs and jumps around carrying his little carrot. He loves attention and in the summer when we (or even the neighbours cat) are outside by his run he can't resist running around showing off with his carrot.

Oh and if i run round the outside of his run, he will follow me and run with me even when i change direction :)

Sometimes he goes in moods and will go and hide in his bedroom or nudge his bowl when you try to feed him but this is only occasionally. 

I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since we got him but i wanted to share these pictures of him because he deserves everybody to see him! I love seeing pictures and stories of other people's pets so if you've done a post on yours, link them below :)



  1. Oh my goodness! he makes me heart melt <3
    Lauren I would like to nominate you for the Very inspiring blog award, love seeing new posts from you, especially cute bunny ones!
    For more information about the nomination you can find out here xox.