Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Collection - Yellow based

Every time i look into my box with all my nail polishes i feel a little overwhelmed and like i have too much choice. i can never remember how the polishes actually look on so this way i can look at combinations and see what looks good.

L-R: OPI 'Don't talk bach to me', Claire's Accessories yellow nail polish, Sinful Colors 'Cloud 9-853', Star Gazer 'Chrome Gold', Collection 2000 'Look at me'

The only one that looks completely different in the photo above is Collection 2000 Look at me - it is more green in the flesh as the bottle below indicates.

I love OPI Don't Talk Back To Me it is the first nail polish i go to when i need a simple base colour as it seems to compliment all other colours and is just so unusual i can't really get my head around it, i know if i saw it in the shop i wouldn't be instantly drawn to it as it is a funny sort of colour.


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1 comment:

  1. what a great idea to share your colours, I think I might use your idea to do the same...don't worry I'll credit you too :) xxx