Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Collection - Greys

One thing i overlooked before was a pearl looking nail polish - why would i need one i thought? I always like having colourful nails.

I was proven wrong; this OPI Kyoto pearl is something i needed in my life without realising it. It made my nails feel so luxurious and elegant and just plain beautiful. It has a seductive shimmer in it that gives off such a glow i find myself gazing at my own fingertips!

L-R: Boots no. 17- no name, Stargazer 'Chrome Silver', OPI 'Kyoto Pearl', Accessorize 'Stardom'

Time for the dark polishes - for those grungy feeling days (not very often i must say) or those dark winter nights where too bright colours just make you realise how long ago summer was.

L-R: Barry M 'Black', Barry M 'Grey', OPI ' Lucrene:Tainty look marvelous', OPI 'My private jet'

These OPI polishes just make me think of space they look like they are so much more than just polish and the bottles are beautiful to look at too it feels like you're looking into a bottle of miniature stars.


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1 comment:

  1. not really a huge fan of dark colours but I really like the look of stardom & my private jet :) xx