Monday, 11 November 2013

Red gold glitter mani

It feels like ages since i've done a nail post and i know they're a bit sparse but i've been mixing things up a bit lately with lifestyle posts. Which do you prefer?

Here, i decided to go for red and gold - a true classic!

I totally fell in love with this once i'd done it, it felt so sparkly and classy and red is my favourite colour; there's something magical and striking about it.

Also slightly feeling that this has a Christmassy feel about it?! I'm super excited now for Christmas and have done the majrity of my shopping.

All cards and wrapping aper have been bought and all presents for Parsnip are ordered. I've planned exactly what i'm getting my family so it's all going smoothly so far.

Working in Birmingham makes it so much better due to the sparkly lights (which i noticed were on this evening!) and the German Market - which i will be having a nosey around on Thursday when it opens!

How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping?



  1. I love your nails! They look amazing (and Christmassy!) The red and the gold look so lovely together that I'm now itching to go buy myself a gold nail polish.

    Debi x

  2. So pretty and definitely perfect for Christmas! x