Thursday, 14 November 2013

Meet Parsnip -- The Pet Tag

Well, after seeing this lovely post on Vivatramp about her cutie dog Woody; i decided to do this post too (any excuse to talk about Parsnip!)

What is your pet's name?

His name is Parsnip; me and my family just picked the name because we thought it was cute and the fact that i love parsnips! We got it down to a few (including pepper and murray) but when we got him the name 'Parsnip' just seemed to be perfect.

Does your pet have any nicknames?

Oh gosh! I pretty much call him anything i can think of; including Pooch, Chicken Nugget, Baby, Fluff. He honestly must be so confused as to what his name actually is and i think my neighbours think i'm mad when they hear me shouting 'chicken nugget'!

What kind of pet is he and what breed is he?

He's a dwarf lop eared rabbit; which is the breed bigger than a 'mini' rabbit. He was absolutely tiny when we first got him and definitely lived up to the 'dwarf' part. Though now he's over 5 he's so much bigger than i thought he would be though i think most of it's fluff :)

How old is your pet and how long have you had your pet friend?

Well we got little Parsnip on 21st April 2008 from a pet shop and they said he was about 2 months old so we took it literal and now class his birthday as 21st February; which means he's now over 5 and a half years old! I can't believe how fast it's gone it only seems like yesterday that we got him.

How did you get your pet?

I was 16 and my sister was 11 and she really wanted a pet so we finally decided on a rabbit as my dad doesn't like cats and we didn't want a dog, especially as our first pet. I wasn't there on the day that my family went to the pet shop but they originally opted for Parsnips brother but turns out he was already sold so they chose Parsnips instead. They later decided this was the better choice because Parsnip was the only one who was running around generally being a nuisance to his brothers i think. I then went 2 weeks later to meet him and when the lady brought him out it was like love at first sight and i still remember that moment i first saw him :)

What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

I think he has a gorgeous personality! Mostly he loves food, like loves it! In the morning you stand by the door and he will literally freeze and stare at you; then you unlock the door and open it and he will start charging around his hutch in excitement. Then when you open the hutch he sticks his head right out to try and get into the food bowl. I also love it that when he's in his run he will pick up his toy carrot and show off in front of anyone and anything (be that human or animal) the cats think e's mad i swear. Then if you run around his run he will follow you and if you stop so will he and if you change direction so will he.

What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

The world. I love him to bits and you should see what i've got him for Christmas! I'd love it if he liked to be picked up but it just means that when i do pick him up and hold him tight so he can't get away he soon relaxes and nuzzles into my jumpers and it makes those moment even more special. Animals are so great because uyou can talk to them about anything.

What are some of your favourite pastimes with you pet and what are your favourite memories?

♥ when he was too scared to go up and down his ramp so we had to keep manually moving him until he got the courage to do it

♥ when we first got him and he didn't know how to drink from his water bottle

♥ when i first saw him yawn

♥ when he flops on his side and you see that fluffy tummy!

♥ how excited he gets when he knows i'm about to give him some grass

So as you can tell i treat him like my child and he is so super cute and special to me!

It would be great if you did this too and linked it below :)



  1. So adorable! I love fat bunnies with floppy ears!


  2. Parsnips not fat, he looks super healthy and not to mention super cute! I think ill do this for peanut around christmas, try get him in a santa hat haha!
    Also do you have twitter hun? xx

  3. He is one loved and spoil bunny! Bunnies are such perfect first pets. I want to do this TAG but with 5 animals where do i start?