Saturday, 16 November 2013

dot com gift shop - Vintage Toys

Good day ladies (and gents?)!

The other day whilst noseying through blogs i read a post about a wonderful website called dot com gift shop. I was amazed by it and didn't recall coming across this website before ( i later found out i had it bookmarked but had forgotten all about it.

Browsing through the website i didn't know where to start as they have some wonderful gifts and decorations. What i loved most of all was the vintage toys and games they sell. These days buying for children is quite hard because of all the expensive gadgets out to try and compete with so i thought these were a brilliant alternative that will bring back childhood memories.

Vintage toys for girls 

The little dress up dolly really brings back memories for me and you can have hours of fun dressing them up and making up elaborate stories and then changing the outfit to create another character!

For some reason i found looking for boys things much easier even though i have no brothers so have not had boys toys in my house.

Vintage toys for boys

2. ♥ Catapult Toy

Personally i would have loved any of these toys so they're great for girls too if they would like these kind of presents. I'm sure the catapult could cause so many laughs and they come with foam balls so there would be no tears on Christmas day either!

I'm sure many children would never have come across these games before so they would be amazed to get them out and play with them!


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