Friday, 1 November 2013

Pinterest favourite's October

Cat makeup halloween

Berta bridal Dip Back  Lace

ponytail, tights & skirt, everyday heels

Hate this!

This month was about mainly Halloween, Autumn clothing and Wedding ideas. I absolutely adore the dress in the top picture i think it is so super pretty :) and i love the whole look of the 4th picture; everything about it is so girly and looks so cosy!

There's a lot of halloween make up, halloween nails and halloween decoraton ideas floating around on Pinterest but something about this cat make up is really simple yet effective!

I've been getting so many ideas about weddings from dresses to cakes to venue decorations and there are so many gorgeous ideas out there! I love the back of this dress; i love the detailing on it and the the fact that it's open back makes the detail stand out even more and emphasises the shape of the dress.

The last one is just so true , it made me giggle!

What have you been loving this month?



  1. I have been loving all things Halloween this month and now i can't wait for fireworks night! I love the cat inspired make up.