Friday, 4 October 2013

New Miss Selfridge Skirt

I saw THIS skirt on the Miss Selfridge website a few weeks ago and really liked it. (I don't need another skirt though and i don't have room for one so i decided not to buy it)

Then, i went shopping. I saw it and it looked a lot more pink in real life so i was disappointed because i thought it would be more red. I walked away feeling a bit deflated really and i couldn't find a tartan A-line skirt anywhere else.

So in the end i went back and showed my Mom and she encouraged me to buy it, after all i could always take it back and get a refund.

Now i've tried it on i'm glad i got it now! I haven't worn it properly yet but think it will be really nice in the autumn with little boots and knitted scarf!

I really like the zip detail it has though this is just there to look at; it does up by a zip at the side.

What do you think? Do you own any tartan skirts?



  1. Gorgeous skirt! You look so pretty xx

  2. That looks really nice :) I quite like tartan...not too sure I can pull it off myself though :) xx