Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wishlist; Thomas Sabo

I'm really fortunate to own a Thomas Sabo bracelet. I got it a few years ago as a birthday gift from my neighbours. I was totally shocked when i opened it as i totally didn't expect it - after all they're not cheap!

They got me a gorgeous pearly bracelet along with 2 charms; a butterfly and a strawberry :) The bracelet is elasticated which is nice and easy to slip on and i love the shine in the light off the butterfly and the colour of the strawberry.

I haven't added any charms to it yet because i like how simple it looks with just the two and it means loads to me and always reminds me of how fortunate i am to have such kind neighbours.

Having a little browse on Thomas Sabo i picked out these charms which i thought were cute

Now i knew Thomas Sabo was expensive but i didn't quite realise how expensive until i looked at their website! 

The wedding ring charm is really cute and just beautiful.; i absolutely love Bambi and Thumper is my favourite character because of how adorable he is and mischievous so when i saw this charm i fell in love. Being a May baby i thought the birthstone charm was appropriate and simple but beautiful. I believe in lucky charms and this says it all really, i  think i'd feel that luck was a bit more on my side if i was wearing this charm. The pearl and crown charm is just really delicate and i  love pearls anyway. I once went to a ballet lesson when i was about 5, i was super shy though and didn't like it but i've always wished that i'd stuck to it because i think ballet is so beautiful to watch. Well this little chappy is cute isn't he. A snail with a smiley face - what else would you want?!

Do any of you have a Thomas Sabo bracelet? I seem to think that the charms would look better in the shop - i don't think the picture on the website do them justice.


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