Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Autumn is here

Autumn has well and truly arrived now and it is such a great time to get in the garden and take pictures of the leaves changing colour and insects and animals out and about. Though a certain two people distracted me a bit...

These 2 are absolutely beautiful - Parsnip is so photogenic and i love taking pictures of him, i have so many now!

This little kitty appeared in my garden a few months ago, no idea who owns her (we think it's female) as she has no collar on and she is so affectionate always coming up to me and my family meowing and looking for a fuss. As we have no idea where she lives, we have no idea what her name is; but we've decided to name her 'Bear'. The first time we saw her she seemed huge and so fluffy, hence her name :)

Do you love autumn?


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  1. I love Autumn, it is such a pretty time of the year!