Sunday, 20 October 2013

Watercolour nails

Watercolour nails eh?

I'd not heard of this before but spotted it on Pinterest (surprise surprise) and fell in love with it and thought I'd give it a go.

1. First off start with  a plain base colour, i chose white so i had a neutral background.
2. Choose your colours and just randomly dab blobs on to your nail
3. Using nail polish remover, get a paintbrush and dab the remover onto the nail to blend the colours together
4. If needed blob on some more colour if you feel like the nail is lacking in one of the colours and blend again with nail polish remover

L-R: Natural Collection nail tip whitener; Collection 2000 'Candy Floss'; Rimmel 'Coralicious'; Claire's yellow nail polish; Miss sporty Glossy finish; Rimmel 'Purple Pulse'

Such a brilliant super quick, easy and effective nail art and it will turn out different every time! I cna only imagine some of the colour combinations you could think up!

What colours would you use?


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