Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wavy hair - no salt spray or heat

So at the beginning of the year everyone raved about sea salt spray and i brought some imagining great effects. The first time i used it i have to admit i loved it. But then i realised that i actually didn't need to use it in my hair at all!

Using sea salt spray it tells you to spray into your hair and scrunch up or even put it in a bun. I have fine hair and the spray made my hair wavy but soon fell out and didn't have the desired effect.

I find that straight after i've dried my hair if i shove it up into a bun and leave it for as long as possible then my hair will look just as wavy as if i had used the spray.

I put my hair up in a bun as above and usually then get dressed, have breakfast and do my make up. Once this is done and i make sure that my hair is 100% dry then i scrunch my hair whilst still in the bun and lightly spray with hairspray.

I then take my hair down whilst holding my head upside down and shake my hair out of the bun gently. Then spray with hairspray and scrunch (still whilst my heads upside down) and then tip my head back into normal position and spray the top of my hair with hairspray.

I found that this usually makes my hair stay wavy all day and is so great, quick and easy without having to use sea salt spray :)


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