Friday, 9 August 2013

9 Picks of the World Wide Web!

Happy weekend!

I'm so so glad it's the weekend, work has been stressing me out today and i feel so drained but nothing a chocolate fix can't improve!

I really really should be on a spending ban because i've spent so much lately (really, why did i buy a manequin?!) because it looks pretty!

Anyway i've been browsing online and if i were to buy anything then these are what they would be :)

1.) Teal Flocked Skirt - In Love With Fashion - £30
2.) Pop Boutique Shift Dress - ASOS - £28
3.) Love Aqua Long Sleeve Wrap - In Love With Fashion - £34
4.) Doll Boutique Collection Mean Girl Pink Wednesday - Doll Boutique - £15 (sold out)
5.) Love Aqua Halterneck Playsuit - In Love With Fashion - £38
7.) Love Ox Blood Skater Dress - In Love With Fashion - £38

I absolutly love all of these, i really love the yello/mustard/egg yolk (?) dress i think it's so gorgeous and such a statement item of clothing and cute with the collar. The two mean girl quoted tops are really nice and relaxed and are probablly the best quotes from the film (which i love!)

I really like having brightly coloured bags but i think i actually need a black one or a really nice cream one. Though cream might be a bit risky?! I don't doubt that it would get dirty in no time!

Have you seen anything online lately that's taken your fancy?



  1. Those mean girls tops are awesome! And I love that blue bag. Gives an outfit a nice pop of colour :)

  2. The red dress from ASOS is cute! I really love the bag. It'd brighten up any outfit. If I had the money I would be such a spendaholic, buying such pretty things like these!