Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wishlist; Not On The High Street

I've never really looked on Not On The High Street before. It's one of those websites that people always say how good it is but i've never really bothered to look on there.

All until the other day when i was looking for mirrors. Then i kept looking and saw so many adorable unique things that i just wanted to buy everything.

I'm still debating whether to get hte Snow white hand mirror - it's so cute and i could do with a hand held mirror. This wall sticker is absolutely adorable i just thought OMG if i ever have children then i have to get something like this (they have loads of variety that would suit boys or girls). I've never seen a candle holder like this before - it looks like little mice should live in there or something!

Going with the fairy/princess theme, these lights are really pretty and they do them in more colours too - they're just a bit expensive for me though i think. The ring looks so complex and i was just intrigued by it and how it was made. Again, they do these with different coloured gems.

I don't have any secrets, but sometimes i wish i did just so i could write everything down in a book like this, it looks like the ideal journal.

Lastly this little necklace that I'm also debating getting. i don't often wear necklaces but this reminded me of an old fashioned pocket watch which i think looks really precious looking and something to treasure.

Has anyone else seen anything on NOTH? If so please link below - there's so many items on there that i haven't looked through everything so know I've missed hidden gems!



  1. Oh wow! These little things are enchanting. Definately a princess theme. :)

  2. This really looks like a website that I would love!
    The once you've found looks so lovely - really like the Snow White mirror and the notebook!

    Christina xx