Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cleopatra blue

How are we in July already?! Not long till Christmas ;) I just hope the sun makes more of an appearance before the summer months are over.

I feel really drained this week, no idea why but i only have 4 days at work, woo! It's my sisters prom on Thursday (Independance day) so i'm having the day off to do her nails and go with her to get ready - i will hopefully post photos. Bless her, all grown up!

Here's this mani i did - i got some blue crackle nail polish out of my vast amount of nail hoarding containers and realised i'd never tried it out. I also wanted another gold glitter to go with it. Oh and to try my gold chrome polish. 

For this i used Stargazer Chrome nail polish in gold, O.P.I Goldeneye and O.P.I Blue Shatter

This was one coat of the chrome polish, as you can see it needs way more than one coat but i was going to do glitter over it anyway so it's all ok.

Once I'd finished i realised that it reminded me of Cleopatra.

What's your favourite colour crackle to use?


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