Sunday, 7 July 2013

My little sisters prom!

Well i hope everyone in the UK is enjoying basking in the sun and making the most of it! I find this weather a bit too hot for me when there's no breeze but it is such a nice sight to look out of the window and see blue skies :)

So it was my little sisters prom on Thursday and i thought I'd share some pictures with you all of the day.

 I did her nails on the Wednesday night...

However, by the Thursday morning a few of them had chipped so i had to come up with plan B...

She went and had her hair and make up done which looked so so lovely. her hair looked kind of grecian and her make up - they used air brush foundation! Oh my it looked gorgeous! She had individual fake eyelashes on as well.

Her dress was floor length and corset lace up style at the back with this beaded detail on the front.


 Me and my sister before she went to prom :) 

 About 20 of the girls from her school went in a red vintage red bus which was such a great idea and the atmosphere beforehand was lovely, they were all so excited. It was even more great that the weather was so gorgeous for them.



  1. ah this is so cute! reminds me of my formal, she looks so gorgeous and her nails are amazing!


  2. where did she get the dress???