Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wishlist; Bedroom Decor

Lately i've been having one of those moments where i'm lusting all over pretty bedroom furniture and just wish that my bedroom was a princess room it a castle. I love bedroom furniture when you see them in the magazines and then you're room just never turns out like it. 

Looking on Google i found these rooms that look so pretty and cosy!

50 Bedrooms decorated with Christmas lights

Who wouldn't want a princess or magical looking room that looks full of relaxation vibes and a wonderful place to sleep?!

I don't really need anything for my room or need to redecorate but i can still look right?!

Metal Bed - Dunelm Mill £79.99
Plumb Lantern - Dunelm Mill was £4.99, now £3.99
White dressing table, mirror and stool (stool not pictured) - Dunelm Mill £149.99
Grammar Phone Ornament - Dunelm Mill £9.99
Sewing Machine Ornament - Dunelm Mill £9.99

So here's the things that i came across that i most liked. I love this bed, it looks really cosy like you could have loads of cushions and blankets on there and sit and read a good book or magazine. I used to have white furniture when i was younger along with an oval mirror - i then swapped it for dark wooden furniture, now I'm thinking maybe it was a mistake. Those ornaments look really vintage and would just add something unique to a room. I really like candles but get scared in case i knock them over so i don't light them in my room but this candle holder looks really pretty and bet it would give off a lovely purple glow!

Then i got obsessed with looking for a dressing table mirror, i found lots of beautiful and expensive ones but really i needed something practical. A smaller one that i can do my make up in, ideally with a light for those dark winter months. I spotted this one, it was on argos for £39.99. i thought that was a bit over the top so pushed it to the back of my mind. then i saw it on very for £30 and thought that was more like it so i ordered it straight away :)

The mirror came and it's a bit bigger than i anticipated but the light is great and has a 3x magnifying mirror on the other side.

Is there any furniture or home accessories you're lusting over at the moment?



  1. I love cosy rooms like you. Lots of blankets and cushions are a must! I redecorated my room about 2 years ago with white furniture, a black leather bed and a grey feature wall. My room is still empty as i haven't brought all the items i need for it but i love it. You should upload pictures of it when you have finished, would love to see :)


  2. these rooms look so magical! im planning on redecoration but i dont know where to start! im stuck between an all white room, purple or a blue/turquoise room!