Monday, 27 May 2013

I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22!

Hello lovely people! Well I've not posted anything for over a week - I've been away on holiday in Devon to celebrate mine and Glen's 22nd birthday! 

Me and Glen popped off to Woolacombe for the week and we didn't do too bad with the weather; it didn't rain once and the first few days were really hot. Be prepared, this is going to be a looooong post and loads of pictures!

I've been to Woolacombe so so so many times since i was little younger with my parents but this was my third time going with Glen. If any of you have been to Woolacombe then i guarantee you loved it, right?! If you haven't been then you're missing out! There's 3 beaches there and it is just so chilled out and relaxed there and a lovely place to go to get away from everything and relax.

I was just a tad excited :)

This picture can give you a little idea of the view we had from our apartment  it was so gorgeous to be able to see the sea and the greenery, get me with my panorama picture eh ;) 

Just at the back of our apartment there were fields filled with these cute little sheep and their baby lambs. They were so amusing to watch sometimes, one little lamb even got kicked in the head by another sheep when it lost it's mommy! It was lovely to wake up and hearing their little bleating noises each morning. Check the lamb in the middle of the picture doing his/her catwalk strut!

Now in case any of you don't know; I'm Coeliac, which means I'm gluten intolerant and can't eat anything with wheat, oats, rye or barley. So going away stresses me out a little because i have to take food with me to eat and then eating out is a little tricky sometimes because some places I'm limited to steak or jacket potato - which gets a bit tedious after 22 years.

In Woolacombe there's just one tiny little shop that sells food; i think it's a Londis; but woah hold your horses i was amazed to see how much gluten free food they sold! They're usually quite good but this year was really really good so i went all out and bought loads of food.All of the food above was so nice and tasty and me and glen just mainly ate at our apartment for the week. 

There's also a pancake shop there called GJ's dutch pancake shop...and they sell gluten free pancakes. They do loads of different ones and i had a lemon and sugar one and a pesto, tomato and mozzarella one :) Yum!

So one morning i looked out of the bedroom window and thought "Hang on, what is that square rock on the beach?!" so we strolled down and yes that's right folks, there was a TV on the beach. How random?! I'm not sure if it got dumped or washed up in the sea but it make good photo's!

Tuesday 21st May and it was my birthday!!! Wooooo :) It was a bit chilly on this day but me and Glen decided to head out to Exmoor Zoo :)

Cute little meerkats! The top one was in the enclosure stood under a light, I'm guessing to get heat from it and it kept closing it's eyes and just looked so adorable standing on it's back legs.

This kind of took my breath away, it's not every day that a Cheetah looks right in your eye and you get to capture that moment; i was stunned.

These dogs were something i'd never heard of before; they're called New Guinea singing dogs and don't bark but sing, similar to a wolf howl apparently. They were so adorable and just looked like you wanted to give them a big cuddle.

OMG i've never seen a skunk before but this little beauty was absolutely adorable all snuggled up in his bed with his sleepy eyes :)

I had such a great week and got some lovely presents for my birthday including a new camera which I'm testing out so be prepared for better photos on this blog! Hopefully i can get some really good ones of my nails now. Oh and the picture above is a big patch of grass in Woolacombe - it's where i took my first steps when i was little and learnt to walk :)

I hope you've all had a great bank holiday weekend and if you read all/most of this then congrats and thankyou :)



  1. Looks like you had a great week away. I have never heard of Woolacombe but it looks like such a beautiful place. Oh and happy birthday :)


  2. Beautiful photos, I loove Woolacombe! Such a lovely part of the world. The animals are so cute too! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

  3. your pancakes look tasty! that tv is so random its unreal haha! and i love going to zoos, the animals are so beautiful and varied! happy belated bday!