Sunday, 2 June 2013

Roses are Red

I finally got some stripping tape! About time too! I've always seen amazing mani's done but never actually bit the bullet and got some; until now. 

So here's how i did these little beauties :)

1. I started off with 2 coats of 'OPI Don't Talk To Me' on all my nails 
2. I then cut the green stripping tape and using tweezers (don't know what i would have done without them!) and placed them on my nails

3. Next i added some redish blobs on my accent nail and thumb nail to use for the roses.
4. Then using my nail art pens i just added some detail to the roses, at this point though i was getting a little nervous that it wasn't going to plan.
5. Luckily I carried on and added some little green leaves and hey presto they looked like roses!


L-R: OPI 'Don't Talk To Me', Active Cosmetics - got this ages ago and it doesn't have a name, Miss Sporty  'Raindrop', Models own nail art pen in white and models own nail art pen in pink.


I was so happy with these and proud of my little roses for a first attempt but because i did them on holiday after i'd finished them i went to the beach which probably wasn't the best idea because the stripping tape started to peel up at the edges even though i used top coat so i had to take all of that nail polish off and start again. 

This time i did the same colour base coat but placed the stripping tape on diagonally and then did a top coat of Miss Sporty 'Raindrop' (the same colour as the leaves)

So this was the final-final look and i'm actually really pleased. They stayed on my nails for ages aswell which i was pleasantly surprised about because i couldn't remember how well this Miss Sporty nail polish stayed on but it lasted about 5 days and even then it was just flaking a tiny bit.

Which design do you prefer?

Hope you've had a great weekend and if you live in the UK lets hope this sunny weather sticks around for the rest of the week (not that i'll be able to enjoy it because I'll be at work but it's nice to look out the window and see sunshine)



  1. i love the colour of that o.p.i yellow you used!

  2. Wow the nails look incredible! xx