Thursday, 4 April 2013

Top 5...Random Beauty Buys

Hey everyone, hope your week's going good :)

1. L'oreal Matte Morphose foundation. 
OK so this first one is random as such because it's my daily foundation. I suppose at one point it was random because i bought it on a whim without reading any reviews on it. It has such a lovely texture as you can see. I ran out last month and used my sister's foundation which is your usually liquid type. My oh my it felt so cakey on my face! I couldn't wait to get it off. I really didn't realise how thick liquid make up is. This matte morphose is so silky and soft i just love it :)

2. St Moriz Fake Tan
I'm naturally really pale - i swear i never used to be! I don't really like being fake and so fake tan hadn't really bothered me or crossed my mind. But then one day i saw a review on this and for a couple of quid thought it was worth a go. I managed to find it in Body Care and gave it a go straight away. It comes with a mit and latex glove but the latex glove just slid all over my hand so i took it off. B mistake. My hand was so dark! IT was actually quite funny and after a few good scrubs it faded. At first i loved the smell of this but by the next morning it was making me feel sick. I have no other fake tan to compare this too but it did the job for a quick fix :)

 3. Coleen Rooney Eyeshadow Pallet
I seem to have had this for a while and i'm not 100% sure i got it from but it's been the only eye shadow pallet that I've really liked (I'm not a big fan of eye shadow) it has such lovely colours and can create a beautiful smoky eye effect. The eye shadow actually stays on my eyelids and is really glittery

4. Claire's Accessories Lip Gloss.
I have no idea if Claire's sell this any more as i actually bought this a while ago but since i was like 14 I've loved this! You know when you're like 12 and suddenly loved lip gloss? Well this was the one for me! It's just so lovely and smells gorgeous and just gives a lovely shine on top of any lipsticks.

 5. Vaseline Lip Therapy.
Love this vaseline so so much! My lips forever seem dry and chapped and so far this seems to be the best. Its not perfect and i haven't found anything that is yet and i have to apply this every couple of hours. I love putting this on over lip stick to give it that extra shine (and also hydrate my lips as i can't wear lip stick without it.) Everyone should just have this in their handbag!

What are your beauty must haves?

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