Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Top 5...Nail polish's

I've been through all my collection of nail polish (Now well over 100) and whittled it down to just 5! (I'll probably think of one later that i wish i had mentioned)

1. Revlon - "710 - Cloud"
This picture probably doesn't do it justice and i don't think any picture would until you actually wore it. I just felt really girly and summery wearing it and wanted to keep looking at my nails at how pretty it was.

2. Barry M - Red Glitter
This picture just shows how sparkly it is! I felt like i had Dorothy's shoes on my fingers from The Wizard of Oz. I wore this on Christmas Day and it just felt so so Christmassy and glittery and magical!

3. Barry M - "Copper"
I didn't immediately think to put this in my top 5, but thinking about it i realised what an unusual colour it is and how dense it actually is. It's packed full of glitter that the camera didn't really want to focus on so this is the best i could do. It's not often you think to put brown/copper nail polish on but this was pretty in it's own sort of way and now thinking about it i can't wait to wear it again.

4. Revlon - "902 - Craving Coral"
My initial one in the top 5 would have been "Rimmel - 60 seconds - 430 Coraclicious" but i don't have a swatch of it so i picked this one instead because it's similar. Both are really bright colours and just stand out. They're a real good party/summer polish that just want to make me be hyper and show my nails off.

5. Collection 2000 - "48 Candy Floss" 
A really girly nail polish that i love. Though i think i need to get a new one, it's going a bit gloopy. I just feel like a barbie when i wear it, it's just great.

What's your favourite polish?


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