Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Top 5...Perfumes!

Righty, over the next few days I've decided to do a few blog posts with my top 5 favourite things. It's going to be a range of different things, just for fun, because it's something different and i hope to get some feedback about your favourite things too!

Soooo to start it off...top 5 perfumes! I love perfume so much but i always end up with loads that i never want to run out of.

Number 1 : My Insolence by Guerlain.
This is the first perfume i ever had and absolutly love it! I first got it when i was about 15 as a sample off my mom and ever since then i've kept buying it. Now this is not to be confused with 'Insolence' because i don't like the smell of that one at all. Something about this smells sofisticated and grown up - maybe hat's because i thought i was being really grown up with such a lovely bottle of perfume when i first got it.

Number 2 - Ghost by Ghost.

I only discovered this year at Christmas. Glenn got it for his sister but she didn't like this perfume any more so i said i'd have it. OH EM GEE i love this perfume so so much it's a real sexy perfume and sticks to me really well (which is a change considering nothing else really does) i only use this perfume on special occasions or when i'm seeing glen really. I can't describe the smell other than it smells really deep. I'm aware that makes no sense whatsoever.

Joint Number 3 - Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture.
(I'm aware i'm cheating by having 2 number 3's) Truth is i love both of these the same and just couldn't decide which one was nicer. Both of these smell really fruity and fun but more musky instead of full blown sweet. This is a really summery perfume because it just makes me smile and feel like wearing shorts (no idea why) The thing that i love about these 2 more than any others are the bottles. Seriously how pretty are they?! I wish i had a pretty dressing table to show them off on but truth is they're in a storage box on my shelf.

Joint Number 3 - Couture Couture by Juicy Couture.

Number 4 - Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier.
This is my 'special' perfume. It was fairly expensive and i think it just smells more high end than other perfumes. i love the packaging it came in and i loved this so much that i got the body lotion of it also.

Number 5 - Floral by Paul Smith.
For a cheap perfume i really love it, just something fun and girly in simple packaging. A really fruity, sweet smell that i wear everyday :)

P.S - a friend went to America and got this little perfume from Victoria Secret and i loved it but now sadly have none left :( if they were ever to sell it in the UK i would be really grateful if you let me know:)

What are your top perfumes? Any suggestions would be great, i love going shopping and having a good old spray of as many perfumes as possible :)


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  1. The ghost perfume sounds amazing really want to try this D: and loved your Easter nails so creative and cute x