Friday, 5 April 2013

Top 5...Inspirational quotes

1. Now i for one am one for worrying. I fret about anything and everything and all the 'what if's' go round and round in my head. I'm getting a lot better at not worrying now but it's a part of me and i don't think it will ever change. This quote is so true though.

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2. I hate people that are grumpy all the time. Don't get me wrong we have our bad days where we just want to actually look miserable to tell the world that it's not a good day so keep away! But smiling really does help brighten up anyone's day and i love it when someone passes a smile on.

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3. Okay so because this quote is from Eeyore it kind of influenced me to pick it :) (Eeyore was my favourite Winnie the Pooh character) These days it seems like less people are actually caring about other people and their influences on others. That's why, as much of a pain in the ass this snow is, at least it brings people together. It was such a lovely atmosphere the other day when everyone in my road was outside clearing the drives and pavement and having a chat and clearing drives for elderly neighbours. These little things make a huge difference in someone's life. All we all want is for someone to care and think about us, right?!

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4. Okay, so you know when we all have those days and we just think about the bad things in life and just feel generally fed up. Well i did, until i started thinking about how fortunate i was instead of how unfortunate i was. When you add everything up in your head that you can be grateful for, then you start to realise what a wonderful life you have. There are far more people worse off than you who wish they could do the things you can do. From little things like being able to go outside, smelling the air and walking down the street with a smile on your face to being thankful to having a secure home with the people you love. I wish people would think more like this, some people tend to moan too much and don't realise how lucky they are.

5. Everyone is guilty of this; of looking at someone else's life and wishing they had something from it. Be that a certain job, money, looks, popularity. But then think about the things that you've got that other people might be envious of. It's true, you can't be happy until you're happy with who you are. Even if you had a certain thing from someone else, then you'd just find something else to be unhappy about. 

If anyone has any other quotes then link them below :)


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