Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hidden Vintage Gems

Hello everyone :) 

Welcome to my very first non nail polish post! (Well apart from the one I posted the other day with pictures of Parsnip :/)

My nan sadly passed away a few years ago and although a lot of her clothes have been sorted out, there are still a few pieces of her clothes at my grandad's house.

My mom and grandad went through some more of her belongings the other day and me and my sister went to see if there was anything we could make use of. I'm very glad to say that i found a few things that i think are absolutely lovely :)

First of all is this really cute vintage looking bag. I don't own a bag at all like this; it's a dark, shiny brown with a clasp closing which is so cute. inside it's actually quite spacious which means i'd be able to fit all of my essentials in there :) It's a really classy looking bag and i can't wait to use it.

Second up is some real sheepskin gloves. Only the other day i was thinking about buying some more gloves, i had some fake sheepskin gloves last year and they were so snug but the materiel starts going a bit thin after a while.  I couldn't believe it when i saw these, they are so nice and warm! I can't wait to wear them when it snows and know that my little pinkies are all toasty :)

Next up are 2 scarves, I love the pattern on both of them and as if i don't own enough scarves already these will keep me warm now that it's starting to get chilly.


I've only worn the blue one to work at the moment and with it being a chilly 14 degrees here the past few days it has come in handy and has kept my neck protected from the cold wind. Both of these are square scarves about 48 inches in length each side.

Can't wait to use the other one (even though my sister says it looks a bit like a picnic rug).

Sorry this is a bit long, i was just excited to now wear something that my nan wore many years ago, so i have a part of her with me. Have you ever come across hidden gems that your grandparents or other family have passed on to you?


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