Thursday, 20 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge

I've seen this post floating around on a few blogs so i thought I'd give it a go. It's pretty self explanatory; each day posting about one of the different headings, working from 10 to 1. (Though i don't think I'll have time to post every day so it might be every other day or so)

Ten Secrets

1.) I HATE rice pudding! cannot stand the stuff, just the look of it and what i can imagine it would taste like. EW! i think i tried it once and it just made me think it was even more gross.

2.) I've passed my driving test, i have a car...but i don't like driving. I'm glad i have the option to drive but the thought of it just makes me really worried, i don't even know what about! Once I'm in the car i'm absolutely fine but i will avoid driving if i can.

3.) I don't know how to use my washing machine. I know i know the shame! My mom does all of the washing in our house so I've never needed to know. She shows me each time she goes on holiday but i just never have the need to use it and then i forget.

4.) My bunny has a voice...yeah. I speak to him, and then speak back to myself but in 'his voice'. Though i know a few people who also do this so maybe i's not so strange after all.

5.) I own a barbie. Didn't you just to sooooo love barbies?!?! Well me and my sister got rid of all ours when we were going through that teenage phase of wanting to be all grown up. But last year i thought you know what, i really want a barbie. So my mom and dad got me one for christmas :) here she is...

6.) I'm getting old... i cannot function with lss than 8 hours sleep, i just feel knackered if it's any less.

7.) I can only wear gold earrings; so i don't often wear them. A few years ago i was fine wearing any earring and now i just can't.

8.) I'm only 5 foot exactly. Even my 16 year old sister is taller than me now. 

9.) I only look about 17. When we went out a few months ago this random lady at the garden centre said to me and my sister 'are you twins?' i said no and explained that there was a 5 year age gap...she then thought my sister was older than me.

10.) I think i think of my bunny as an actual baby. Don't worry i don't go as far as dressing him up or anything but if there's a baby on tv (human baby that is) and for instance it yawns, I'll say to my family 'awh they look like Parsnip when he yawns' (Parsnip is the name of my rabbit in case you hadn't guessed.)

Will post the next one when i get chance :)



  1. can I be that barbie for a day! amazing hair!

    new follower :)

    B x

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  3. so cute!
    love this! love your blog! so great you have amazing taste!
    would you be kind enough to visit mine please? would be an honour xxxxxx