Monday, 24 September 2012

8 Fears

Eight Fears

1.) Change. I really don't like change, from being the smallest thing in my daily routine to something big like starting a job. I don't even know why but i just like to have everything planned and know what's going to happen.

2.) Creepy Crawlies! Especially spiders and daddy long legs. but i also don't like moths, butterflies, ants, ladybirds and anything else especially flying things. Just the thought of them near me makes me cringe.

3.) Ghosts. OH MY LIFE! I can't explain how much this creeps me out. I get scared when I'm in the house on my own, even in the day and at night I'm always convinced i might see something. I really believe in ghosts and spirits but it would be my worst nightmare to see something.

4.) Dogs. This is quite a big fear to a certain extent. I think dogs are so cute but when it comes to real life i'm always wary of them. My boyfriend has a dog and I'm OK around him but i don't trust dogs and I don't like being around a dog on my own. If I'm walking down the road and someone is coming towards me with a dog then i'd cross the road. Don't know why i have a fear of dogs, I've never had a bad encounter with one.

5.) People dyeing. Obviously people are sad when people die but i really work myself up about the thought of someone dyeing even if they're not ill or old. It's a constant worry of mine.

6.) Being alone. Don't get me wrong i like my own company but i would not be able to cope without Glenn, my family or friends.

7.) Getting old. This just entwines with above ones, i don't want to get old because people will die and i'll be alone and i fear not being able to get out of the house or even worse; being afraid of going out of the house.

8.) Lifts. Before i started my job i didn't go in lifts, especially ones that you couldn't see out of. I still now only go in the work lift occasional (and it's only 4 floors). I just get so scared that it's going to break and just drop. I have to hold onto the side of the lift and i even have nightmares about this happening.

Does anyone share any of these fears?


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