Tuesday, 25 September 2012

7 Wants

Seven Wants

1.) No more animal cruelty ever. 

who could hurt an innocent little animal like this?!

2.) Enough money to buy a nice house when I'm older.

3.) Some new boots for the winter.

4.) For everyone i know to be happy and healthy for the rest of their lives. Or realistically; until after the new year.

5.) My shirt I've ordered from H&M, it says it will be delivered between 8th and 12th October :( I'll show you it when i receive it.

6.) More nail polish and books and to have a fab christmas!

7.) For my feet to have better circulation and to not be freezing cold all the time!!! especially in winter.

Sorry it's just a short one! 


  1. nice post!


  2. I agree with these so much!
    Maybe you could take a look at my blog or even follow me? I've followed you x

  3. Awesome wants. That kitty is super cute!