Wednesday, 26 September 2012

6 Places

Six Places

1.) My living room; nothing can beat the feeling of your own home. I love being so cosy in my dressing gown, heating on, cup of coffee in my living room. It's so comforting; best feeling ever is Christmas morning in my lounge.

2.) A shower; any powerful shower. It's so relaxing and warm and refreshing.

3.) In Glen's bed with him. This has to top it all off. There is no where in the world i would rather be than at night in the dark having a cuddle falling to sleep. This is where i have no worries and even if i do then they don't matter because i know that everything will be OK.

4.) The countryside by me. After working in Birmingham City Centre it is so nice to get away from it all; go somewhere where you can't hear anything or see anybody, any roads or any buildings around you. Just green fields and cows. Literally 2 minutes down the road and i am in peaceful heaven where i can think clearly and breath in the fresh air.

6.) Woolacombe, Devon. This place is like a second home, i have been going there every year on holiday since i can remember. It's so quiet and beautifull; sun, sea, sand and countryside out of one window?! Perfect.

7.) Wales; again i just love the countryside and how quiet it is. It's so nice that there are so few people around and i love going on holiday here to get away from everything and everyone. Can't wait to go again soon!

So none of these are abroad or anywhere fancy. I'm not really too good in the sun and my favourite places are places that i can go to every year :)


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  1. That countryside looks so peaceful and pretty! So green!!