Thursday, 27 September 2012

5 Foods

Five Foods

OK so being Coeliac (intolerant gluten; so wheat, oats, rye and barley) this maybe isn't so hard for me. When i go into a supermarket i don't have such a huge choice, i can't just pick up a loaf of bread, i can't have hardly any kind of cakes, i don't have the huge variety of biscuits and i can't eat most ready meals or certain chocolate bars and crisps. I have some alternatives but it's still not the same.

1.) Chocolate...a girls best friend. I couldn't go a day without having something chocolaty, it just feels so rewarding and there's nothing better than a good film and some chocolate. it suits all weather and every mood.

2.) Curry! As i've mentioned previously i love curry so this is a top contender to being my favourite food. Couldn't live without it, it's just so satisfying for my taste buds. (Indian food seems to be the best takeaway food that i can eat. From what i've experienced they don't seem to use wheat flour in many (if any) of their dishes. Yay!)

3.) Batter. Ok so this isn't a food itself but i love things made from batter like Yorkshire puddings and pancakes. I'm a hopeless cook and these are almost the only 2 things i know how to make because i love them so much.

4.) Pasta! I love pasta, mmmmm, i have it a few times a week and never get bored of it because of the different range of sauces and things you can have with it. No matter how much pasta i'm given, i will eat the lot. i just can't resist.

5.) Pizza!!! Again this takes up many of my meals, always loved it and always will. Mainly thick crust pizza's but thin crust wil make me happy too. Classic mozzarella is my favourite but i do occasionally like pineapple or chorizo on it. (I can't eat takeaway pizza so it is either homemade or occasionaly from a supermaket where they sell Gluten Free pizza)

That was so hard just picking 5 foods but i think they have to be my top 5. What's your favourite food?


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