Friday, 15 August 2014


Is this it, will this be the time i come back to blogging? I feel like i have been living undetected for a while (a very long while!) it's been ages since i was in a routine of blogging but i have still been sat here silently reading and watching other peoples lives go by.

I don't know if i lacked inspiration or motivation to keep my blog up and running but i think i may now be ready to come back. Don't get me wrong I've still been experimenting with my nails and expanding my collection and endlessly trying out ways to try and find space for all of my nail polish!

I have a few posts lined up to share my collection and swatches of polish i own, just for my own records too really.

I can't even remember when i did these nails, somewhere at the beginning of the year i feel (hence the fluffy cardigan peeping into the photo!) i love using glitter but sometimes i don't like taking all of the attention off the polish underneath so what better way than so show it off plain.

I loved the look of this my nails did feel a bit bare but the colours of the glitter seemed to sparkle in any light. i'm not 100% sure which polish this was, I'm thinking a Clares Accessories one which will feature in my nail polish collection coming up.

Hope to be back here soon xxx

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1 comment:

  1. what a lovely glittery polish :) reminds me very much of the jubilee with the red, white & blue theme :) xxx