Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Nails

As you can probably see from below i was in two minds whether to go with Red nail polish or pink nail polish. So i went with both :)

I didn't wnat to do lots and lots of hearts so i just went with one tiny heart on each nail; gold on the red nails and red on the pink.
The red was a Barry M one and the pink i'm keeping quiet on for the moment - i'll do a post soon but it's one nail polish that i was super excited about!

I won't really be doing much on Valentines though Glen got me some gorgeous red and white roses which are really beautiful. I love getting flowers i really am a right girl!

What are you all doing for Valentines day?



  1. They look so cute, might do this tonight :)

  2. Happy Valentine's day! Beautiful manicure, Lolly! I like that you decided to go for both pink and red, it looks really sweet together :)Wow, what beautiful flowers also! xx

  3. cute nails :)