Monday, 17 February 2014

Not so much New Years Resolution but...

I never make new years resolutions because i'm one of those people that never stick at it mostly because i forget what my new years resolution is but also i feel so pressured on New Years Eve to rack my brains and think of something but my mind just goes blank.

This past month though i've been thinking of things i actually want to do this year; nothing major and who knows if i'll stick to them but if i don't write them down then they definitely will never happen.

  • Use a diary to write down a news headline of that day - I don't really use my diary but i thought this might be a good idea. Doesn't have to be a main headline it could just be something i saw online that caught my eye and got me thinking. Then at the end of the year i can read back through and think 'OMG do you remember when so and so happened in March?!'
  • Do a drawing every week. I went into The Works the other day and got an A5 sketchpad for 99p; bargain! I thought A4 was a bit too much of a task but if i can do a little pattern or doodle or just se where my pencil takes me then i can get back into Art again.
  • Eat slightly more healthy. I'm not putting pressure on myself to do this because it might not happen. I love veg but fruit and salad just don't do it for me. So no snacks in the day apart from Fridays which is creme egg day at work :) and obv Saturday and Sunday. But i will be having more fruit for lunch and Cornflakes and banana most mornings for breakfast.
  • Drink more water. Glen made me get a 1 litre bottle which i use everyday and it's amazing how much it makes me drink more because i feel like i have to drink a certain amount by a certain time. Hopefully it will keep my body more flushed and hydrated.
  • Take a picture of me and Glen each week and then get it printed into a little book at the end of the year.


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