Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dot Com Gift Shop - Kitchen Accessories

Set of 6 Retro Coffee Mugs - £18.95

Patry Design Set of Tea Coffee and Sugar Tins - £12.95

Pantry Design Set of 3 Cake Tins - £12.95

Set of 4 Pantry Measuring Spoons - £5.95

Set of 3 Sweetheart Small Storage Jars - £16.95

I have seriously fallen in love with these! The glass jars would be a brilliant alternative to use to store tea, coffee and sugar and it would look so pretty in a kitchen. I love the retro vintage look and the tins, mugs and measuring spoons would complete a kitchen. I don't have my own place but a part of me wants to buy everything for when i do!


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  1. i like this kind of posts!! pictures and sets, definitely inspiring ^^ thank you for sharing!