Sunday, 1 December 2013

Tartan mix mani

Well i wish i was organising at posting regularly. I don't like to have a schedule so to speak because i would never stick to it but i seem to be really good and schedule posts for 2 weeks and then it just goes downhill and i don't post for a while.

Well this weekend i went and bought some fairy lights for my room and i've just finished arranging them in my room which was a right headache as i don't have a headboard!

This week i also put up the works Christmas tree and also helped out putting the one up at Glen's house. I'll be putting the one up in my house next weekend.

I did this a few weeks ago and it's a bit mix matched and turned out i didn't like it. It was originally going to be tartan but i figured i couldn't handle the stress of doing it on each nail so i did glitter on the other ones but i didn't have any tape to do the lines straight so they turned out a bit wonky.

Well from now on until the rest of the month it's going to be so manic everywhere with the mad rush before Christmas and thankfully i've got most of my Christmas presents. I really cannot believe that it's going to be Christmas 3 weeks on Wednesday; where has the time gone?!

Are you all ready for Christmas?


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  1. I love the tartan design. I am not ready for christmas at all!