Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My top tights

Tights, tights, tights!

I love tights they really can make an outfit and are a great accessory to wear.

Now i love just classic black tights, they're so flattering but sometimes you have to be daring and go all out!

This first pair of tights i think were from New Look and they're this super pretty floral design which look lovely paired with a black bodycon dress or skater skirt because they stand out so much.

Not too sure where these were from but they're a really lovely plumb ish colour which i like to wear with high waisted shorts and a nice plain tshirt.

Another pair of floral tights that i think were also from New Look. A bigger pattern here so i find them a bit harder to style and don't really wear them much any more but again great pattern and colours for summer.

I love love love the colour of these tights they are so thick too which is great in winter and look great with black boots or little dolly shoes and i just think the colour is gorgeous and a general brilliant autumn/winter colour :)

These werr such an impulse buy from Ebay, i saw some Mickey mouse black ones they were for sale in Primark but they didn't have any in my store so i turned to Ebay and found these adorable ones. I only wore them once and got a hole in which i kind of expected becase they are so thin but are great for a relaxed look with high waisted shorts by the beach!

My ultimate favourite pair of tights in the whole wide world are these!! They're classic black with such a gorgeous floral pattern all over the tights. These beauties were from Primark, not sure how much they were but obviously not much. Such a bargain and they look great with pretty much everything. 

Do you love to wear tights? Pattern vs Plain?



  1. I adore your beautiful tights, they are all gorgeous! Do you wear them still, if they have a hole or ladder or throw away then?

  2. "These werr such an impulse buy from Ebay," Those are my favourite; your toes look nice in those tights.

    You know, if you ladder your tights you can always wear them over your face bank robber style. Remember to place the ladder on the back of your head to ensure hidden identity.

  3. Like your long legs great variety tights.I wear tights alot am a 34 inch dwarf. Tall 6 ft 2 girlfriend that always wears colorful tights