Sunday, 1 September 2013

H&M Autumn wear

It's that time of year to get excited again! The start of a new season means a whole lot more new season clothes and accessories coming out, and i really love autumn wear so i really enjoy this time of year.

I love having a look through all the new stock on the websites and one of my favourites has to be H&M. I'm a massive H&M lover but especially their jumpers and just how they style everything. I went into H&M the other day and i loved all the jumpers they're starting to get in and they sent me a catalogue and email too so i thought i'd share iwth you some of my favourites that have caught my eye.

I'm looking forward for them to get more stock in and slowly but surely more wintery clothes. I love summer but i love the colder months a little more, even though i don't cope well in the cold. I probably already have enought jumpers but it does no harm to look :)

Are there any other websites that have some lovely autumn clothing in?



  1. love h&m clothes, especially the jumpers!

  2. I was checking out those cable knit jumpers instore yesterday, they are lovely! x

  3. Those knee high boots are really nice! That's the one thing I like about fall: we get to wear boots again :-)