Monday, 6 May 2013

Hello Ladybird

Wow what gorgeous weather we're having here in the UK! Here's just a few things that have happened this week that i thought I'd share with you :)

L-R: Gorgeous new flowers; Hello Ladybird 

Mom and dad did some gardening the weekend and bought these to plant - such a lovely colour. I didn't realise at the time and you can't really see but there's a spider on the one flower chillin in the sun. Saw this little fellow on Parsnip's hutch just crawling about inspecting a rock.

L-R: Mr car :); mmmm M&M's

Got my car back :) been without it for 4 months and so far (touch wood) i feel more confident about driving this time around - still couldn't say i love it but it could grow on me. Been having these as a treat lately, every friday at work i have these and a cup of tea - my way of telling myself that the weekend is almost here so it's time to start unwinding!

L-R: Sunnnnn; Got me legs outttt 

Hallelujah the sun has arrived, can't believe how nice the weather's been this weekend - forced me to get my summer gear on and the sunnies. Robbed this top off my sister.

Hello gorgeous!

Parsnip was so happy to have a run about and playing with all of his toys and it was lovely lying there with him :)

Hope you've all had a gorgeous weekend and hope you don't have sunburn!



  1. Wow! Great photos! This rabbit is cute! : )

  2. Aww Parsnip is so adorable! Is he a mini lop? :) xx

  3. Aww Parsnip is so cute!