Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dotty maze

Hey everyone, a whole week since i posted, almost. I've been meaning to post but this week seems to have flew by. I've been working on a few posts today though so they're all there when i need to post them and so fingers crossed i can post more regularly because i really want to get some kind of routine going.

Well.....This didn't quite turned out quite how i imagined it! Firstly, i didn't expect the blue to be so blue, i expected it to be more pale and more of a pastel colour. i also expected the teal/green dots to stand out more against the background. 

The pictured i got were pretty rubbish aswell as you can see...


I was contemplating doing this maze effect on all of my nails but i just couldn't be bothered and felt a little deflated and didn't want it to turn out any worse.

I'm hoping to try this out again soon with lighter colours for the base colour and then brighter colours for the dots. Think i need to invest in some brighter colours!

Hope you're all well :)



  1. This is really sweet! It kind of reminds me of that game snake that I had on my very cool Nokia mobile!

    Em x

  2. love the way you do your nails... so cute
    would you like to follow each other?