Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Liebster Award

I had never heard of this award before so i was completely shocked when Kay at Stars over Diamonds handed it to me! Many thanks :)

Basically the Liebster award is for small blogs with less than 200 followers (can safely say that's me) it will help spread the word of our blogs aswell! Here are the rules:

Give 11 facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions that the blogger who awarded has asked you
choose 11 people to pass the award onto
Give them 11 questions

11 facts about me:

I have Coeliac's disease, meaning i can't eat anything with wheat, oats, rye and barley in (basically anything with flour in plus a few other things.
I am only just 5" tall
I had never listened to Johnny Cash until i saw the film Walk the Line...this is now my favourite film, i even have the sountrack album!
My boyfriend proposed to me on my 18th birthday
I am a strong believer in fate and karma
I really really love food, especially curry, i have a takeaway every weekend
I have a really bad fear of ghosts and any kind of creEpy crawlies
No matter how much i love food, i cannot cook, the only things i know how to make are pancakes and yorkshire puddings. For everything else i have to use a cookery book.
When i was 15/16 i attempted to cut my own hair...bad decision! it went horrifically wrong and i went into shock and cried and had to get the guts to take myself to the hairdressers. NEVER AGAIN!
I passed my driving test this year but i don't like driving
I am really good at hula-hooping

11 questions from Stars over Diamonds:

1. What is one piece of technology you absolutely cannot live without?
the internet

2. What song are you loving right now?
Heatwave by Wiley

3. What's your biggest source of nail art inspiration?
Just searching through all the amazing nail art blogs out there and finding inspiration from their colour combinations used and designs

4. What is your favorite thing about running a blog?
Looking at all of the other blogs and sharing my pictures of the ideas i come up with

5. What is your least favorite thing about running a blog?
How hard it is to get other followers when i know no one else with a blog and i'm not on any social networking sites to advertise it

6. What is your dream job?
I work at a Care agency as a receptionist and i have to say i absolutely love it. I would love to go into accountancy or something one day but for the moment i'm happy.

7. What is your favorite design/pattern?
Urmmmm i actually quite like stripes, i think. lol i can't really think on the spot but i quite like stripey nails!

8. Do you have any quirky habits?
when i get nervous or bored i pick the mascara off my eyelashes

9. What is your favorite season?
OMG AUTUMN! i used to only like summer but as i seem to have got older i love it when it's nice and chilly. I love wearing all my jumpers and boots and thick tights with shorts. I don't like it too cold though.

10. If you could spend all day with a celebrity who would it be with and why?
Olly Murs, i think he is such a laugh and i love all of his songs!

11. What's one thing about the world you wish you could change?
People got what they deserve. People who do good jobs that make a difference to people's lives and people who work hard get paid what they deserve and more than people who spend their lives on benefits who don't try. People who commit crimes get what they really deserve, life for a life etc.

My 11 Winners:

Nail Art Is Tacky
Nail Narcotics
Nail Polish Mixologist
Nail Wish
Kitties & Polish
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Naila Nails
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My 11 questions:

Films or music?
Chocolate, Crisps or Cake?
Favourite colour nail polish?
Your First Memory?
Have you ever had any nail polish disasters?
When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?
What do you now want to be when you grow up?
Has anything ever happened to you that you never thought it would?
Do you ever have recurring dreams?
Do you have any fears? if so what are they?
What's the best thing that has happened to you this year?



  1. Thanks for nominating me!

    Walk the Line is such a great movie! Omg any part where there's any singing = love, I think I might just be a sucker for a musical though haha