Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fiery Fade

Hey, so this is the first fade I've ever done and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :)

I thought these colours would stand out really well and give a good effect so i chose to use a chrome base and then 3 'hot' colours.

The chrome nail polish is by Stargazer and i love it (i will do a post of this at a later date) the darkest colour is rimmel lycra pro, "393 Desire" the barry m red is absolutely gorgeous (i will do another post of this as well because i love it) and the orange is a really strong colour by collection 2000, "28 Hip Hop". I love all of these colours so i thought there was no better way than to use them all at once.

I forgot to take a picture of just the chrome, so anyway 2 layers of the chrome nail polish (no base coat). i then used a make up sponge i had and a mini paint pallet to put some of the Orange nail polish onto. I then used the sponge to sponge some on but leaving some of the chrome visible at the bottom of my nail. 

Notice how my nail's look 3d, that's because they are. Some of the sponge came off with my nail polish so once I'd started i had to keep going.

Not that this picture looks that much different but this is with a coat of the red polish on over the top, again covering less of the nail with each layer.

This picture with the final colour added on to the tips. As you can see i got a lot of it over my fingers so i needed to do a lot of tidying up.

These are the final pictures. After tidying up i added 3 coats of top coat because my nails had parts of the sponge on they kept catching on my clothes. They were so shiny afterwards and looked really nice because of the colours. This stayed on quite well (probably because the amount of layers) so overall i was really pleased :)



  1. Love the ombre effect! x

    Take a peak at my blog if you have a sec!