Sunday, 22 July 2012

Matte Black Manicure

Heya! :)

So i got really excited about this, Rimmel Matte Finish nail polish! 

I had trouble deciding which nail polish to use as the base colour and which colour would look the best. In the end i decided to use black because it's a classic colour. The black is a cheap nail polish which i've used in one of the previous posts called Technic, but it gives a nice sleek look with just one coat. i think i used 2 coats on this one just to make sure that it was all coated. 

Once it had dried i used my steady hand (for once) to do the matte nail polish on the tips of my nails. 

Excuse some of these pictures, i took them straight after i'd painted my nails, before i'd cleaned up.

They're not as obvious as some nail paints but up close they looked really smart and unique. 

The matte nail polish was really thick so you don't really need to use much at all. I rally can't wait to use this again with different colour combinations. Hope you like :) 


  1. Love it! I just bought my first matte top coat on the weekend. I'm going to post it today hopefully but it does not look as fancy as yours :o(

    1. yeahh i think you will love it! i love mine and the only reason i got this one was because it was the only one i could find. but im looking forward to seeing yours when you use it :)

  2. I have this matte topcoat and love it too :-)

  3. Rimmel Matte Finish is awesome! I love the matte take on a french tip!